MARK’S Marszałkowscy

For more than 30 years, we have been steadfastly guided by our mission to create exceptional culinary experiences that are appreciated on 3 continents, in more than 40 countries – from Poland to Hong Kong.

Drawing on traditional methods – handed down from generation to generation – and enriching them with the international experience of our specialists, we follow innovations in production. We have built a wide range of products that includes pork, beef and poultry, as well as a variety of cold cuts, canned goods, ready meals and meat and vegetable preparations. Today, our range includes more than 320 products.

We are a quality leader in the area of select meats – select beef with a marbled pattern of the highest quality. Our products are valued by top culinary experts.


Our mission and values

Passion for culinary excellence

Perfecting the art of extracting flavors comes from traditional methods and an artisanal approach to producing cold cuts. We provide customers with products of the highest quality and exceptional taste, despite the fact that the company operates on a large scale and has more than 700 employees.

Respect for tradition

Although we operate as a modern company, family roots are key to us. We draw on regional recipes, and our meat products are still made according to proven traditional methods. In this way, we preserve the unique character of the products.


The culinary world and consumer preferences are constantly changing, so remaining flexible and open to innovation is a priority. We are introducing new flavors, product lines and technologies to adapt to growing customer expectations.


We operate in harmony with nature, taking steps to minimize the negative impact of our activities on the environment. We use innovative technologies that reduce energy and water consumption, and reduce the amount of waste produced.

MARK’S Marszałkowscy mission

Our mission is to create exceptional culinary experiences underpinned by the highest quality, innovative production, sustainability, concern for animal welfare and, above all, respect for the tradition and history of our family business.

Although we operate as a modern and innovative company, our roots and traditions are central to us. We draw inspiration from regional recipes, nurturing them and passing them on to the next generation. We combine traditional production methods with modern selection and processing techniques.

This is how we preserve the authentic taste and unique character of our products. Therein lies the strength of MARK’S Marszałkowscy.


Our certificates

Our priority is to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety, which is reflected in the certificates we have received:

  • IFS Food – International Food Standard. The certificate confirms our global standards in the areas of quality management systems, production processes, risk management, production environment and supplier management.
  • BRC Global Standard for Food Safety. The certificate is awarded to manufacturers who meet global requirements in the areas of hygiene, production processes, supplier management and internal audits.
  • Resources SAVED 2019-2021 Certificate / Resources SAVED 2021-2022 Certificate – Certificate of participation in a project that demonstrates the effectiveness of recycling in conserving natural resources. This document confirms our contribution to saving the environment by conserving resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


For the sake of the common good

We also respect tradition by respecting nature and the world around us. At MARK’S Marszałkowscy, in every area of operation, we look for ways to improve the place where we all live.

Responsible management of resources: We strive to make efficient use of resources, such as water and energy, and minimize the waste generated by using efficient technologies and production processes.

Environmental protection: We strive to reduce the environmental impact of our operations by optimizing water and energy consumption, investing in renewable energy sources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and minimizing waste production.

Ethical conduct in the supply chain: We are committed to fair and ethical relationships with our suppliers, striving to ensure fair business conditions and monitoring labor conditions at every stage of the supply chain.

Social engagement: We are involved in local communities, supporting social projects, educational initiatives and charitable organizations. We invest in local infrastructure, youth training programs, and activities to address local social needs.

History of MARK'S Marszałkowscy Company

Origins and founders

MARK’S Marszałkowscy Company was founded on June 15, 1991 by Grażyna and Marek Marszałkowscy. Initially, it operated as a butcher shop, producing cold cuts and meat for the company’s own store. Despite the difficult beginnings associated with the political transition, the company has survived and is consistently growing. In the course of more than three decades of operation, the small butcher shop has transformed into a highly efficient enterprise. Today, MARK’S Marszałkowscy is a well-known producer of meat and cold cut products based on traditional recipes.

We invite you to learn more about the three decades of our family business.

MARK’S Marszałkowscy is a company with a rich history and an established position in the market. Since its inception in 1991, it has evolved from a small plant to a large cold cut and meat production company in Walichnowy. We also have a modern cattle slaughterhouse in Muchy and a second one that is undergoing modernization and adaptation for future production plans.

We are proud of the fact that after Poland joined the European Union, we successfully entered foreign markets. We regularly participate in prestigious food fairs such as Sial Paris, Gulfood Dubai, Polagra Food, Anuga Köln and PLMA Amsterdam. Our commitment and attention to the highest quality bring numerous awards, confirming the excellence of the products.


Over the years, we have grown consistently, introducing innovative production methods and expanding our product range. We meet the highest food safety standards, as evidenced by our BRC (Global Standard for Food Safety) and IFS Food (International Food Standard) certifications.

We invite you to learn more about our vibrant history and achievements in recent years.

Below is a timeline of the company that accurately illustrates the path to success.

History of MARK'S Marszałkowscy brand

June 15, 1991

It was a day when passion and culinary dreams became reality. MARK'S Marszałkowscy was born out of a love of great taste, thanks to the commitment of Grażyna and Marek Marszałkowscy, who decided to create something special.


We started the journey in a small factory, producing cold cuts and meat. With each passing day, our customer base grew and the taste of our products gained recognition.


Walichnowska Pork Knuckle won the first Polagra Gold Medal, becoming a symbol of excellence and authentic taste.


We grew rapidly, opening new production halls and consolidating our place in the market.


After Poland joined the European Union, we boldly entered the international market, winning the hearts of foreign gourmets.


Attention to quality and taste has earned us the Gold Medal for Walichnowski Chłopski Headcheese, confirming our culinary mastery.


We focused on innovation and quality, introducing new technologies and products that win the hearts of customers.


Our efforts and commitment were recognized – we received numerous titles in the "Business Gazelles" ranking, which confirmed the dynamic expansion of the plant.


We appeared at major food fairs, where we won numerous awards and prizes, leaving unforgettable impressions.


We received the "Now it's Poland" mark, emphasizing our identity as a Polish producer with a great heart for taste.


We thoroughly modernized the plant and equipped it with the latest technologies to make our products even more perfect.


We won first place on the Forbes Diamonds regional list and were named the fastest growing Polish company in the Łódzkie Province.


We were ranked second on the regional Forbes Diamonds list, highlighting the company's strong position in the market.


We won the Appreciate Polish TOP PRODUCT Certificate for Walichnowska Pork Knuckle, Walichnowska Roast Pork Knuckle, Walichnowska Ham and Markusie Sausages.


We won the Appreciate Polish TOP PRODUCT Certificate for Spod Strzechy Sausage, Walichnowska Swojska Sausage, Walichnowski Chłopski Headcheese, Roast Ham and Roast Shoulder


During the Session of the Wieruszowski County Council on August 31, 2023, Walichnowska Ham received the Economic Award of the Wieruszowski County "Brand Product of the Wieruszowski County".

Nagrody branżowe

W MARK'S Marszałkowscy jesteśmy dumni z licznych certyfikatów i nagród, które świadczą o naszych osiągnięciach i wysokiej jakości produktów.

Złoty Medal Polagra

Złoty Medal Polagra 1999 dla Golonki Walichnowskiej • Złoty Medal Polagra 2001 dla Szynki Walichnowskiej • Złoty Medal Polagra 2005 dla Salcesonu Chłopskiego Walichnowskiego

Certyfikat Doceń Polskie TOP PRODUKT

Certyfikat Doceń Polskie TOP PRODUKT 2022 dla Golonki Walichnowskiej, Golonki Walichnowskiej pieczonej, Szynki Walichnowskiej i Parówek Markusie. • TOP PRODUKT 2023 dla Kiełbasy spod strzechy, Kiełbasy Swojskiej Walichnowskiej, Salcesonu Chłopskiego Walichnowskiego, Szynki z pieca i Łopatki z pieca.


Golonka Walichnowska –drugie miejsce w Konkursach Wędliniarskich 2011

Markowy Produkt Powiatu Wieruszowskiego

"Markowy Produkt Powiatu Wieruszowskiego" 2023 dla Szynki Walichnowskiej.

Nagrody dla przedsiębiorstwa

Utrzymanie najwyższych standardów jakości i bezpieczeństwa jest dla nas priorytetem, co znalazło odzwierciedlenie w przyznanych firmie prestiżowych wyróżnieniach.

Gazele Biznesu

Pierwsze miejsce w łódzkim rankingu Gazele Biznesu 2012 - najbardziej dynamiczne przedsiębiorstwo sektora branży mięsnej • Tytuł Gazele Biznesu 2012-2017

Jakość Tradycja Łódzkie

Odznaczenie Jakość Tradycja Łódzkie 2013-2016

Teraz Polska

Prestiżowy znak Teraz Polska 2015

Diamenty Forbsa

Pierwsze miejsce na liście regionalnej Diamenty Forbesa 2021 i uzyskanie miana najszybciej rozwijającej się polskiej firmy w województwie łódzkim • Drugie miejsce na liście regionalnej Diamenty Forbesa 2022


W MARK’S Marszałkowscy priorytetem jest zapewnienie klientom produktów najwyższej jakości i pełnego bezpieczeństwa.

IFS Food

BRC Global Standard for Food Safety

Certyfikat Resources SAVED 2019-2021

Certyfikat QAFP (System Gwarantowanej Jakości Żywności) 2014-2019