Learn how we work and join our team

How do we work?

At MARK’S Marszałkowscy, we have a unique approach to work that is based on innovation, high quality and passion for what we do. Our teams create a dynamic environment where everyone has the opportunity to grow, share ideas and achieve success. We recognize that commitment and cooperation are key to achieving goals. Therefore, we focus on transparency, mutual support and continuous improvement.

Passionate and specialized in their field

At MARK’S Marszałkowscy, we are proud of our entire team – a group of talented and committed professionals who are passionate in their field. The team of employees brings diverse skills and experience, creating a strong team ready to meet any challenge.

Everyday work at MARK’s

We want you to get to know us better and see what a typical day at MARK’S Marszałkowscy looks like. The team of employees consists of people with different skills and specializations, who work together to ensure the highest quality products. We will introduce you to the various positions and tasks we perform to meet customer expectations. You will find that working at MARK’S Marszałkowscy is not only challenging, but also rewarding due to the joint successes you will achieve with the team.

Recruitment process

At MARK’S Marszałkowscy, we believe that the key to success is the careful selection of the right candidates who meet the requirements for the position. Therefore, the recruitment process was carefully designed to find people who would best fit into the company and the work environment.

Job advertisement

The recruitment process begins with the publication of job advertisements. In them, we describe in detail the requirements and expectations of the position. We encourage potential candidates to apply by providing them with all the necessary information on the application process and recruitment deadlines.

Application selection

After receiving applications, we proceed with the selection process, carefully analyzing the submitted resumes and cover letters. We pay special attention to experience, skills and compliance with the requirements of the position. We select candidates who meet our criteria.

Qualifying interviews

Selected candidates will be invited for interviews. They are conducted by experienced recruiters or department managers, depending on the position. During interviews, we assess not only professional qualifications, but also interpersonal skills and development potential.

Tests and evaluation

In some cases, we conduct tests or practical tasks to help evaluate candidates' technical skills. In addition, we can check references from previous employers to get additional information about candidates' competence and attitude.

Decision and job offer

After all the stages of recruitment, we make a decision on the selection of the best candidate. If you are selected, we will contact you to make you a job offer. We will discuss details of salary, benefits and terms of employment.

At MARK’S Marszałkowscy, we focus on fairness, professionalism and transparency in the recruitment process. We value the commitment and potential of candidates and ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to get their dream job.

Join our team and develop your career at MARK’S Marszałkowscy. We create the future through passion and innovation.


At MARK’S Marszałkowscy, we value our employees and care about their comfort and well-being. We offer an attractive benefits package that includes, among other things, flexible working hours, training and development programs, as well as opportunities for internal promotion. We know that employee satisfaction and motivation translate into the quality of our products and services. Learn about our values and see why you should join our team.

Flexible working hours allow you to tailor your schedule to your individual needs and to better balance your work and personal life. We understand that every employee has responsibilities and passions outside the workplace, so we focus on flexibility.

We provide: PZU group life and accident insurance. – In addition, for willing employees, we provide Employee Capital Plans (PPK), which are voluntary and allow you to accumulate additional funds for the future.

At MARK’S Marszałkowscy, we invest in employee development. We offer a variety of training and development programs to expand skills and acquire new knowledge. We provide opportunities to participate in courses, industry training and support professional development through mentoring programs.

We believe in rewarding achievement and providing opportunities for advancement. At MARK’S Marszałkowscy, there is an opportunity for internal growth, which means you have the chance to develop your career within our organization. What matters to us is talent and commitment, and promotions are a reward for hard work and professionalism.

When you join MARK’S Marszałkowscy team, you become part of a company that strives for excellence, innovation and the creation of high-quality meat and cold cut products. We offer not only a job, but also a chance for development, satisfaction and cooperation with professional and committed people.

Here are our benefits:

  • Stable employment terms and contract of employment
  • Opportunity to develop and improve skills
  • Internships, training and courses
  • Incentive bonus system
  • Regular and timely salaries
  • Friendly teamwork atmosphere
  • Meetings and integration trips
  • Christmas employee packages
  • Flexible working hours
  • Ease and speed of commuting
  • Free meals at the workplace (company canteen)

Feel free to apply for the currently available positions, we are waiting for you!

Industry awards

At MARK'S Marszałkowscy, we are proud of the numerous certificates and awards that attest to our achievements and high-quality products.

Polagra Gold Medal

Polagra 1999 Gold Medal for Walichnowska Pork Knuckle Polagra 2001 Gold Medal for Walichnowska Ham Polagra 2005 Gold Medal for Walichnowski Headcheese

Appreciate Polish TOP PRODUCT Certificate

Appreciate Polish TOP PRODUCT 2022 Certificate for Walichnowy Pork Knuckle, Walichnowy Roast Pork Knuckle, Walichnowy Ham and Markusie Sausages. • Appreciate Polish TOP PRODUCT 2023 Certificate for Country-Style Sausage, Walichnowy Country Sausage, Walichnowy Country Headcheese, Roast Ham and Roast Pork Shoulder. • Appreciate Polish TOP PRODUCT 2024 Certificate for Beef Roulades with Smoked Pork Belly and Cucumber in Sauce, Slow-Cooked, Juniper Sausage, Traditional Kabanos Sausages, Krakowska Traditional Dry Sausage and Traditional Hunter's Sausage.


Walichnowska Pork Knuckle – second place in the 2011 Cold Cuts Competitions

Branded Product of Wieruszowski County

"Branded Product of Wieruszowski County" 2023 for Walichnowska Ham

Company awards

Maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety is a priority for us, as reflected in the prestigious awards the company has received.

Business Gazelles

First place in the Łódź ranking of Business Gazelles 2012 – the most dynamic company in the meat industry sector Business Gazelles 2012-2017 Title

Quality Tradition Łódzkie

Quality Tradition Łódzkie Distinction 2013-2016

Now it’s Poland

Prestigious Now it’s Poland 2015 mark

Forbes Diamonds

First place on the Forbes Diamonds 2021 regional list and being named the fastest growing Polish company in the Łódzkie Province. Second place on the Forbes Diamonds 2022 regional list


At MARK'S Marszałkowscy, the priority is to provide customers with products of the highest quality and complete safety.

IFS Food

BRC Global Standard for Food Safety

Certyfikat Resources SAVED 2019-2021

QAFP Certificate (Guaranteed Food Quality System) 2014-2019