Pork back fat, rindless

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Back fat – the best option for lard, graves and bacon!A thick slice of bread spread with lard – the indispensable snack during outdoor events; delicate greaves used as topping for dumplings or smoked bacon in spices – well-known in the Eastern regions of Poland.

These are just a few ways of using back fat, which is a very important part of Polish cuisine. You can also always enhance it (particularly during lard melting) with other types of meat, such as pork belly or groin. The pork back fat from MARK’S Marszałkowscy is a great source of inspiration to explore the depths of flavour!

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Element obtained from cutting pork semi-carcase class S and E. It is a layer of subcutaneous fat, no skin. Shape similar to a rectangle. Consume after thermal treatment.

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