Pork leg – silverside with eye-round without fat cover

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For enthusiasts of leaner cuts! Fans of home-made cold cuts appreciate the silverside for its external fat cover, which is small and delicate, making it suitable for the production of raw maturing cold cuts.

According to the meat cut classification system, this cut includes the biceps together with the semitendinosus muscle (eye-round). The pork silverside is the perfect choice if you want to enhance minced meat (you can, for instance, add it to the shoulder, which has more fat). It could also make for the perfect spaghetti stuffing, and it would be a reliable choice for excellent roulades and meatballs.

Product details

Additional informations

Element obtained from supplementary cutting of pork leg, from S and E class pork semi-carcasses – biceps muscle with semi-tendinous muscle (silver side with hell of round). Thoroughly boned without muscle jams and protruding jagged cuts. Stripped of the skin and the external layer of fat. Consume after thermal treatment.

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