Pork leg – topside, cap-off

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The pork leg – the secret to a terrific feast! The semimembranosus muscle, i.e., the topside, just like the quadriceps (knuckle), is an excellent choice for roasting thanks to its delicate and juicy texture. A grilled or barbecued leg is the perfect way to add a traditional touch and make any feast complete.

The pork leg topside is also used to make steamed bacon. It is a great cut for goulash, meat patties, meatballs and roulades or as stuffing for dumplings, etc.

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Additional informations

Element obtained from supplementary cutting of pork leg with bone, from S and E class pork carcasses – semi-membranous muscle without cup (external muscle). Thoroughly boned without muscle cuts and protruding jagged cuts. Skin and fat removed. Consume after thermal treatment.

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