Pork trimmings, class I 90/10

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How to make good goulash? This is a dish found in just about every cuisine in the world, and the number of goulash recipes can be counted in thousands. However, every good cook starts by choosing the right meat. 90/10 pork trimmings, obtained from the cutting of pork sides and pork cuts, mainly the shoulder, neck, loin and leg, will be the perfect choice for this.

They are free from tendons, cartilage and bloody parts, and the fat content does not exceed 10%. The right meat is half the equation. Now, all you have to do is find a proven recipe, and you’ll soon be able to enjoy delicious goulash with your family.

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Additional informations

Pork trymmings, general-cut pork meat from the cutting of pork semi-carcases class S and E and pork pieces. No tendons, cartilages or bloody parts with fat content up to 10%. Consume after thermal treatment.

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