Pork trimmings, class IV

  • cooking
  • culinary meats
  • pork
  • roasting

The popularity of pork in Poland and worldwide is not only owed to tradition but also shows the preferences of the modern consumer. Pork has many unquestionable qualities that contribute to its wide range of uses.

Advantages of pork:
– flavour,
– tenderness,
– delicate texture,
– juiciness,
– noticeable fat cap,
– many different uses, both for processing and in the kitchen.

Product details

Additional informations

Pork trymmings, general cut pork meat, obtained from the cutting of class S and E pork semi-carcases and pork elements. Tendon meat, bloody, with lymph nodes, lean or greasy. Fat content up to 40%. Consume after thermal treatment.

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