This past Saturday was our family festival, organized especially for MARK’S Marszałkowscy employees and their families!

It was an unforgettable day full of joy and fun. Whole families gathered at the park in Walichnowy to spend time together and enjoy a variety of entertainment.

The youngest participants of the festivities could play on colorful inflatables, slides and trampolines, which proved to be enormously popular. Jumping, sliding and climbing on inflatable castles provided children with lots of fun and laughter. Game simulators and a photo booth where whole families could take fun, souvenir photos were also among the top attractions. There was no shortage of laughter and joy as everyone tried to create the funniest photo.

We had plenty of exciting attractions for adults at our family festival as well.

The bull rodeo and tug-of-war provided participants with loads of adrenaline and laughter!

The riders tried to stay on the raging bull as long as possible, which proved to be a real challenge. The fun was amazing, and the fans cheered their favorites into battle.

The crowd of fans and participants was also attracted by a classic, but no less exciting game – tug-of-war. There were cheers, shouts of encouragement and lots of joy, and each round brought new excitement.

During the festivities there was no shortage of culinary delights. Ice cream and cotton candy awaited the participants, which was the perfect complement to the sunny day. There were special meals for adults: juicy burgers, roast pig, sausages, black pudding, grilled pork neck and a variety of drinks. All this was served by smiling staff who made sure that no one lacked anything.

In the evening it was time for a musical feast. The Milano band appeared on stage, which moved everyone to dance with its energetic hits. The party lasted until dawn, and music filled the entire festival area, creating a unique atmosphere of joy and togetherness.

We sincerely thank all employees and their families for their presence and for celebrating together. Your presence made this day special and full of joy. We are glad that we were able to spend this time together and are already looking forward to the next edition of our family festival.

All the unforgettable moments from our family festival were captured by @piotrpabisiak.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see yourself and your loved ones in action and feel the magic of this event once again!

See you soon!

MARK’S Marszałkowscy owners