Pork belly narrow cut, rind-on, boneless – Class S

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  • culinary meats
  • pork
  • roasting

The colour matters! Class S is very juicy and has a dark red colour and average fat content. This class of pork belly is an excellent choice for preparing tasty steaks or roulades.

It is obtained by precise cuts that separate it from the pork loin and from the strip of fat connecting the pork loin with the groin. It has a roughly rectangular shape, usually about 50 to 55 cm long and 15 to 20 cm wide. That is why it is very convenient for roasting or smoking in whole or for portioning into any form.

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Additional informations

Element obtained from cutting of S class pork semi-carcases.Element with rind, shelled bones. Flank cut off from the element. It has a rectangular shape about 50-55 cm long, 15-20 cm width. Consume after thermal treatment.

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